In an article published in Global Legal Group's Commercial Dispute Resolution magazine, Bilshan Nursimulu discusses the challenges of enforcing claims against offshore companies incorporated in Mauritius. Read the article here.
Guides to the Finance Act 2020 The following reports summarise the main provisions of the Finance (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2020 that affect businesses. Press Commentaries

This note follows our document dated 11 May 2020, which summarised the main provisions that were proposed to be introduced through the COVID-19 (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill. While the Bill was introduced in the National Assembly on 13 May 2020, it was passed with certain amendments made to it on 15 May 2020. In this update note,
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Can COVID-19 excuse the non-performance of contractual obligations? In the last few weeks, this question has triggered the business community’s interest in understanding whether COVID-19 can be characterised as “force majeure”. The term, although not defined by the Mauritian legislator, is broadly understood to mean an event that is beyond the control of a contractual
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