In an article published in Global Legal Group's Commercial Dispute Resolution magazine, Bilshan Nursimulu discusses the challenges of enforcing claims against offshore companies incorporated in Mauritius. Read the article here.

In several Commonwealth jurisdictions, the corporate legislation allows creditors to petition a court to order the winding up of a debtor in circumstances where that debtor is unable to pay its debts as they fall due. Such legislation generally presumes that the debtor is insolvent if it has failed to comply with a statutory notice
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In this webinar, our different guests discuss (i) the current challenges of managing disputes from a business perspective, (ii) the role of arbitral institutions in providing cost-efficient solutions, (iii) online dispute resolution platforms, and (iv) third-party litigation funding as liquidity and risk management solutions. The panelists included Kunal Ramnah (moderator), Bilshan Nursimulu (5 Fifteen Barristers), Velamah Cathapermal-Nair (Mauritius Telecom),
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Mauritius benefits from two competent arbitral institutions. Bilshan Nursimulu (5 Fifteen Barristers) and Ben Hornan (Hogan Lovells, London) share their insights on how these institutions are perceived in the regional and international investment communities. Read the article on Kluwer Arbitration Blog. Our other briefings and publications on international arbitration

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